Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cute Girl's Shorts From old Jeans

So I was checking out my blog and noticing that ever since my twins turned 2, posts have become fewer and far between.  Hmmm.  No matter, I am still alive and that is what counts... and hopefully when the the twins turn 4 of 5 I might get some relief.

So, my 6 year-old daughter loves her new shorts!  Nothing special, I just cut off her old jeans and took some pink ribbon to them via the sewing machine. Next, I washed the jeans to get the frayed look.  I think the frayed edges with the ribbon are very cute and so does she.  This took just 15 minutes to do, so for my fashion conscious girl, it was worth it.

...And depending on what cute embellishments I have on had next time we need to turn some jeans into shorts, this has endless possibilities...