Friday, June 24, 2011

Shiney Fixtures!

I don't normally take household cleaning advice from dirty old men, but this guy that did some work on our tub offered unique enough advice that I figured I'd try it. He said that if I waxed my sink, tub surrounds (not floor as it would make it slippery) and fixtures after I washed them, they'd stay shiny longer and wouldn't need scrubbing as much. I'm all about less scrubbing.

I just used some car wax we had hanging around. (We don't wax our cars, so it was just going to continue hanging around.) I applied the wax to all the sinks in my house as well as fixtures and tub surrounds. I must say, it is nice. When doing my routine cleaning, I no longer need to buff the fixtures dry to make them shine. I just wipe them and when they dry, they are shining. I love what it has done for my kitchen sink. I used to scrub it once a week. Now, maybe every couple of weeks is all it needs. The wax does wear off, so I reapplied it after about a month and a half.

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