Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Moving with Ooma!

I recently finished an out of state move (whew!). I'd been using Ooma for my phone service for almost one full year. When I first got Ooma, I had my old number ported to Ooma. After this most recent move, naturally, I wanted a local phone number. Time for another port! Because Ooma didn't offer any local numbers in my area, I had to take the long route: get phone service through a regular carrier (so I could get a local number) and have the number ported to Ooma. Though I'd been through this porting process just about a year ago, a bit had changed. Let me tell you about it.

Porting My Number To Ooma
After getting the least expensive phone service through a local carrier ($40 a month with taxes, once all was said and done!), I went straight to Ooma.com to begin the porting process. Submitting the order is a lot easier this time around than it was last time. Everything is now electronic, including my signature; no need to fax any documents! That was really nice. (BTW, it costs $39 to port a number.) The only thing I didn't get a chance to clarify on the order form was that I wanted this new number to replace my old number. I just have Ooma basic, so I can only have one number serviced through Ooma. If I'd of had Premier, I could have had both numbers on my account.

The whole porting process didn't take very long: I sumbitted my order to have my number ported on April 22 and by May 5th, the number was ported, so it went a lot faster this time than it did last time. But, it wasn't completely seamless. My port was scheduled for May 4th, but was actually ported a day later. On May 4th, I received automated phone calls from Ooma about every two hours all day, informing me that Ooma was working on the port. It wasn't until the afternoon on May 5th that a real person from Ooma called me and told me that they couldn't port my number because I didn't have premier. When I explained that I wanted this new number to replace my existing one, there was no problem and the port happened within an hour.

Caller ID Confusion
Now, it's time for the yucky news. With my old Ooma number, I had caller ID with name (I have basic service). When my old number was ported to my new number, I no longer had caller ID with name, just the number. I emailed customer support (this is the best way to get service, I have found) and was told that for some reason Ooma had not turned off the caller ID with name after my initial premier trial subscription ran out (a free premier trial subscription comes with every new Telo). So, I was basically getting a premier service for free, which I liked! Well, as I looked on Ooma forums, there are others out there who have basic service and have caller ID with name, so there is some discrepancy here which is a bit unnerving.

At any rate, I can live without the caller ID with name. I can Google numbers I don't know. Also, from Ooma's website, in my account, I can view call logs and add numbers to my contact list, putting in the name of the person/company. Next time someone calls from my contact list, Ooma will pull that info and it shows up on my phone. So, I can have caller ID with name for the people I know.

My thoughts on Ooma
Would I recommend it? Yes. The price is just so impressive and so far can not be beat for what they offer. Call quality isn't as perfect as a land line, but it's a lot more reliable than a cell phone. Let me explain that. For the majority of our calls, the quality is like a land line or better, but every once in a while a call will get dropped or break up. For the first year I had Ooma, I had it with DSL internet and I noticed echoing on some calls. Now I have cable internet and I don't notice any echoing. Since I've had my Telo for over a year, it has paid for itself. I intend to continue with it. Hey, just getting that bill from the local phone company for the one month that I had service through it, was a sour reminder of the chunk that phone service can cost. I'm not up for it.