Monday, April 25, 2011

Make a Resuce CD for Your Computer Now!

I have posted info on some ways to access your hard-drive should your computer become incapacitated for some reason, via a Linux live CD. Today I want to talk about something less intimidating... hopefully something that everyone with a computer should be able to do: Making a FREE AVG Anti-virus Rescue CD. Everyone ought to have something like this on hand. Should your computer ever become compromised, you can use this CD as your first line of defense to check for viruses. Just slip a live anti-virus CD in your computer and boot from the disc. AVG will automatically update virus definitions before it preforms a full system scan.

So, getting the free CD is easy:

1. Head to

2. Download the rescue CD

3. Burn the image onto a CD. This is the ONLY part that I think would be hard for newbies, but not insurmountable. Burning an image is not the same as burning the files to a CD. You have to expressly select the option "burn image" or "burn iso image" (depending on your burning software) in order to burn the image correctly.

4. There. You have a rescue CD. Now, label it and put it in a place you'll remember. Hopefully, you'll never need it, but chances are pretty high that you'll at least have a friend who might!

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