Monday, March 7, 2011

RIT White Wash: My Experience

About a year ago I picked up some RIT White-Wash in the laundry isle at Walmart. I didn't have a use for it right away, but I'm always interested in trying out whiteners. Well, this last month I had a pretty good opportunity to try it out.

I bet you don't know what happens when you wash a pad of neon Post-it page markers in a load of white laundry. I think I'm probably the only one in the world with first hand experience in this area. Well, you get neon marks all over your whites. I had a minor fit as I surveyed the damage. (It might be worth noting that I didn't notice the neon marks on the clothes until after I had taken them out of the dryer to fold.) I had no idea at first that Post-its had caused the mess. When I figured it out using my "detective skills," I knew a child of mine might have information on how it all happened... but that's another story.

My Experience
I figured now was a good time to try out that White-Wash. RIT White-Wash claims: "RIT White-Wash reliably whitens solid white fabrics." On the box it says only to wash clothing that is all white, no colors. I had a very light colored cotton shirt in the load that had neon marks on it, so I figured I'd throw it in with the White-Wash just to see what happened. I also treated the marks on this shirt with my reliable DIY stain remover just for an experiment.

RIT White-Wash can be used on a small amount of clothing in pot over the stove or in the washing machine. I chose the washing machine since I had a med/large load. I followed the directions exactly. Start to fill the washer with hot water, and slowly add RIT White-Wash just above water level. There is a warning on the package about the dust (not inhaling it or getting it in your eyes) as well as the fumes (keep the place ventilated). First, it really stinks. So, take the warnings seriously. You are also supposed to add your regular amount of laundry detergent and wash as normal. I did this.

The Out Come:
I have mixed opinions about RIT White-Wash. It did NOT whiten the whites. I washed mostly cotton fabric and some synthetic fabric like nylon and polyester. I didn't notice any difference on any of the fabrics. If they were dingy when they went in, they were dingy when they came out. If they were bright white when they went in, that's how they looked when they came out. Now to the neon spots. The neon pink and green spots on the clothes were removed. The neon yellow ones, they were hit and miss. Must have been a weird pigment issue. Anyway, the light colored shirt I put in, it was slightly lightened, but still had color so it looked fine. The neon spots on the shirt were yellow, but remember I had treated those with my stain remover and they came out completely. Yippee for the stain remover!

I don't think RIT White-Wash is a total waste. If you need to do first aid on a load of whites that got washed with a red sock, this would probably take the pink out of your whites. But, just as a whitener, I don't think RIT White-Wash cuts it.


  1. Thanks for saving me some money. I'll pass on the RIT Whitewash

  2. I also had your washing machine results but when I tried it again on the stove top in extremely hot water and let it soak for 30 minutes what a difference !! definitely went from dingy to bright white

    1. That is good to know. If I can could get past the smell, that is good to know.


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