Friday, February 11, 2011

Old Vinyl Floor Transformation

When we were getting ready to put our house up for sale a month ago, we found ourselves carefully deciding what was worth spending money on fixing. We really felt like something needed to be done with our vinyl kitchen floor. The cost of putting in a new vinyl floor wasn't too awful, but the time that it would take to remove the old vinyl prep the floor seemed too daunting for our limited time frame. So, I took a good look at our floor. The problem with it isn't that it is out-dated, it just had has a lot of scratches in it that dirt was stuck in, making it look really dirty and dinged up. I wondered if I could give it a face lift and make it shine. Our floor is a no-wax vinyl floor, so I figured that I wouldn't be able to put wax on it. I was wrong.

After doing some looking around online, I found that many recommended scrubbing down the floor with a vinegar/water solution (I used a 1/1 solution) and then waxing it to seal the scratches. The price of wax was about $9 and the scrubbing would just take time. It took A LOT longer than I anticipated. I srubbed the floor for a total of 7 hours. I had a large scrub brush, medium sized one, and a toothbrush... all helped with the job. I used an old towel to wipe up the dirty water as I went. My arms and upper back were killing me by the end. But I persisted because the scrubbing with vinegar really was doing an excellent job. I had attempted to scrub the floor in the past using commercial cleaners like Mop and Glo and Pine Sol, but they just left a sticky film on the floor that only attracted more dirt.

After scrubbing, I gave the floor a few good passes with a clean mop and straight water and then dried it with a clean towel. The most amazing thing was seeing how the clean the towel was after I had rubbed it across the floor. The floor was totally clean. Next, I applied 3 coats of vinyl floor wax (allowing 30 minutes to dry in between coats). Now, not only is my floor clean, it shines and it looks A LOT better... to the point where I feel good enough about putting it up for sale without replacing the floor.


  1. wow! it does look good. I'd like to see a before picture! :)

  2. Yeah, I thought of taking a "before" picture afterward! But, I wonder if my camera would have picked it up. Anyway, I lived in many an apartment with yucky dirty vinyl floors and wish I would have tried this on them. I'm sure I'd have been happier living with them if I had.


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