Thursday, February 3, 2011

Metal Snap Removal, In Case You Were Wondering

I was wondering why my son hadn't worn the new pants I bought him months ago. He told me it was because the snap kept coming undone. Okay. Makes sense. So, a faulty snap... I figured it was a loss. Then I thought that maybe I could take the snap off and replace it with a button. Now, I know there are tools out there that you can buy to remove snaps, and while I'm sure they are great, it turns out a simple flat head screwdriver will do the trick! Rather than reinvent the wheel, here are some detailed instructions for the process:

How the Snap Removal Went for Me
I will say, that some care needs to be taken to make sure you don't hurt yourself in the process of removing the snap. Now, I had an auto mechanics teacher back in high school that told us never to use a tool for something it wasn't made for. So, don't call it a screwdriver, call it a pry bar. Pry away from yourself and your hands (we always says this, but one one always does it). I did it on surface that I didn't mind scuffing. The trick is to bend one side of the snap away from the other side that it is fixed to. The result left a small hole where the snap had been. I used a scrap of fabric to reinforce the area with the hole, sewed on a button and made a button hole for it. Worked! And I probably only spent 20 minutes on it.

Had the boy try his pants on... and he barely fits them anymore! Rats!

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