Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Touch up Wood Furniture with Shoe Polish

While I was polishing some shoes with brown shoe polish (probably the first time in over a year), I found myself reading the label of the shoe polish container. It said it could be used to touch up wood furniture. In the past I've used Old English Furniture polish to touch up wood. It's expensive, can be messy (it's a liquid) and stain anything you spill it on. But it's okay. I've also heard of using a brown crayon to touch up furniture. This I don't like because it leaves a waxy residue.

So, I first tried applying some brown shoe polish to our armoire door in a place where the wood stain was worn off. It blended very nicely. Happy with the fix, I decided to try something a little more drastic. We have a light colored Target special chest of drawers that got scratched pretty badly during our last move. Every time I walk past it, my eyes notice the deep gouge. It's not real wood, just particle board, so I wanted to see how the shoe polish would take to it. It did a pretty good job. At least now when I walk past the chest, I don't notice any blaring imperfection.



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