Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free 411 after Google 411

I recently wrote that Google 411 was throwing in the towel. So, I had to find a new 411 service.

Why not just use a phone book, you ask? Because I have three different ones with different results in each and it is a pain to compare the results of each one. It's just easier to have a service look the number up for me. Plus, I hate looking things up because I don't like to think alphabetically, okay?

After trying out the list of free 411 services I blogged about earlier, I choose two services that will likely end up on my cell and/or my home phone's speed dial.

DEX- 1-800-Call-Dex : Many free 411 services are loaded with ads that make it hard to navigate and even harder to remember why I was even making the 411 call in the first place. Dex has no ads, unless you count the Dex greeting at the beginning which is short and painless. This service can understand voice quite well.

1-800-Call-411: This is probably my favorite service. When I first tried this, the company phone it connected me to was busy so they gave me the the company's phone number so I could call on my own later. That was nice. The voice recognition is nice, but if you have a lot of background noise, you also have the option to type the zip code of the business you are looking up. You can also get the business address and have it texted to your cell. And of course, no ads! Only hook on this is that it is Microsoft based... so if you have issues with them, you might have to work through them before you can comfortably use it.

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