Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good to Know: Zamzar Converts Files

I had the need to convert a Microsoft Publisher file to something else so I could actually view it. Note to self: If you can use something other than Publisher to create a file, do it!

Enter Zamzar.com. Zamzar is a very helpful free service that allows you to convert a wide variety of files to any one of another wide variety of files. The site is very straight forward and easy to use with no need to set up an account. Wahoo! All you do is select the file you wish to convert, and select the type of file you'd like it to be converted to, type in your email address, and click "convert." Within minutes you will receive an email from Zamzar which contains a link to your converted file. From there, you download the file for keeps.

I first converted my Publisher file to MS Word. The conversion went quite well. The only thing different was the font. No biggie. Since Word and OpenOffice are "compatible," I tried opening this new Word file in OpenOffice Writer. Yuck. It was an indistinguishable mess. So, I used Zamzar to convert my original Publisher file to OpenOffice Writer (.odt). It did a great job. The converted Word file and the converted Writer file looked identical.

Zamzar also offers image, video, music, and e-book conversions...

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