Friday, October 1, 2010

Block Ads in Google Chrome

I have three different web browsers on my computer. I use all three. In order of preference, they are: Firefox, Chrome, and Explorer (I only use the last one when I am forced to). Since I use Firefox the most, I have the AdBlock Plus add-on installed. I love it because I hate ads and it just does such an excellent job blocking them. That's my plug for Adblock Plus.

But we're talking about Chrome. I'm starting to like Chrome more and more (it's fast, fast, fast), hence I'm using it more and more. For Chrome, the ad block add-on of choice is Adsweep. (But it also works for Firefox and Opera browsers, though I haven't bothered installing it on my Firefox.) It's super-simple to install. Open your Chrome web browser and follow this link.

Now, my blog has text ads on it. So I'm sure I sound like a hypocrite. But close to no one reads this blog anyway (been blogging for 1.5 years and have made a measly $9)... so it's not like I care. I just like to get out useful information. But, hey, Google lives off of ads and they are allowing Adsweep. So, I'm not that crazy.

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