Thursday, August 12, 2010

Store Emergency Numbers in Cell Phone

Today I was driving in the grocery store parking lot when I saw a truck with no one at the wheel but a Golden Retriever rolling backwards, crossing my path, headed straight for a tree and a natural gas meter thingy. And of course, the truck hit the meter first, and the smell of natural gas began to fill the air. I parked my car. I figured I should call someone. I didn't have the police dept phone number handy. So I called 911 from my cell. Not really an emergency, I would have rather called the police. But, I figured that because it was a gas leak in a public area, it could easily get out of control, so it wasn't too crazy of me to call 911.

But the experience got me to thinking. At home I have a nice phone list that I can go to with all sorts of handy numbers, including emergencies. I should at least have emergency numbers on my cell phone. Well, they are there now! Police, Fire, Gas and Electric. Because, in emergencies, the mind is the first thing to go, it helps to have them on speed-dial.

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