Friday, August 27, 2010

Driving Through Wyoming ... Again

Wyoming is a nice state. It has some really neat scenery... but it's not exactly a vacation destination. Let face it, when traveling, Wyoming is normally the means to an end. Having driven through Wyoming enough to know this, I try to plan pit stops that will be fun for the kids because stopping at a gas station in the middle of Pringle, WY just isn't very exciting.

This year we drove through Wyoming on our way to Mt. Rushmore. (I'll write more on why that's such a family-friendly vacation on another post). Before we left, I looked up parks in Cheyenne, WY that would be right off the interstate, so as not to delay us anymore than necessary. I figured we could have a picnic lunch at the park and let the kids blow off some steam at the playground. The first park we stopped at was Pioneer Park. It wasn't very well maintained. Although the city's website said the park had public bathrooms, they were all locked up. The play area was nice enough, but we weren't really impressed with the park. So, if you are driving through Cheyenne, don't stop there.

Instead, stop at Lions Park. It's a great park just off the I-25 interstate with a few different play areas, picnic tables and restrooms. They have the coolest playground I have ever been to. Playgrounds these days have really been dumbed down for safety reasons, taking a lot of the fun out of playing outside. I'm not against safety, it's just a shame we haven't figured out how to let our kids have fun and be safe. That's why I wanted to write about this park. I wish we would have taken pictures, but we were all too busy having fun. Sometimes that's more important anyway. There was a merry-go-round with climbing rope shaped like a cone on it. So a child could climb up and sit inside the rope while riding around. They also had quite a bit of equipment that used centripetal force. All you had to do was sit or climb or hang on and the equipment would start to spin. Anyway, all of us, from 30 year-olds to 2 year-olds enjoyed this place. So, next time you are driving through Cheyenne, Wyoming, check it out!

Here's a picture I found online that helps explain the merry-go-round. The one at Lions Park wasn't quite like this, but you get the idea:

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