Monday, August 2, 2010

Bought My Eyeglasses Online!

Yes, as crazy as it seems, I bought my prescription eyeglasses online. And it only cost me $33.90 It all started when I read an article about it from my favorite blog lifehacker. Very interesting, I thought. I'll have to remember that when I need new glasses. At the time, I just had reading glasses and wasn't in need of anymore. So, I just put the idea in the back of my head.

But my eyes started to change. I headed to the eye doctor. I learned that I could now "graduate" from reading glasses to wearing glasses all the time! Okay, not really that exciting. Doc said that I didn't really need to wear them all the time, but I could if I wanted to. I have a great doctor who doesn't pressure me to buy glasses from them. She offered to write me a prescription since I didn't quite know what I wanted to do at the moment. I took her up on it.

After leaving the doctor's office I remembered that lifehacker article about buying glasses online. I figured now was as good a time as any. If my online eyeglasses ended up making me look like a fashion misfit I only really needed them for reading anyway and I usually do that out of the public view. Plus, why spend $300 on glasses that I didn't need all the time anyway? I'd convinced myself to give it a try.

I chose to order my glasses from (there are lots of other places that sell glasses online). My main reason was price and selection. They have a lot of selection for very low prices. Quality was not the main issue for me, cost was. Zenni's website is pretty easy to use. It's a little busy for me, though. I really like their search options. You can search for glasses based on a number of different factors, including temple distance. I used my old glasses as a guide to figure out what measurements I would like in my new set of glasses. I ordered the ones pictured above.

To order your own glasses, you need to know your pupilary distance (PD). If I had been thinking, I would have asked my eye doctor for this. She didn't include it on my prescription. But, it's really not that hard to figure out with the help of someone else. It's basically the distance between the center of each of your pupils, measured in mm. My hubby measured mine. Mine is 56.

Ordering was easy. The total came to $33.90. Prescription glasses with clip on sunglasses. Not bad, eh?

I messed up when inputting my address. Instead of selecting "US" in the country drop down box, I accidentally selected: "US-Virgin Islands" ( I don't even know where that is. Someone get me a map!). I didn't notice this mistake until after I had waited three weeks for my order. I called customer service. All operators were busy so I left a message. I had serious doubts that they would call me back. But they did! The very next day I received a call. The service representative explained my error. She said it happens a lot. (Thanks, but I still feel dunce-y.) She said she'd have it shipped to me as soon as they could locate the package. Within a week and a half, my glasses arrived. Zenni communicated with me via email to let me know that they had found my package and when it would be mailed to me. This was a positive customer service experience for me.

My glasses arrived well-packaged in a hard case. The clip on sunglasses aren't real classy, but I wear them occasionally anyway since I guess I am a bit of a fashion misfit. I don't really recommend them, but they work. They also came with a cleaning cloth. Handy dandy.

I'll write about adjusting my eyeglasses in my next post.

BTW: The Virgin Islands are by Puerto Rico.

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