Friday, July 2, 2010

No Spill Miracle Bubbles

I was in Walmart the other day, doing some browsing. I rarely venture into the toy section, but since I was sans children, I did. For $2 I got an 80z. bottle of Miracle Bubbles in a no-spill container. I figured if it worked, it'd be worth it because my little ones spill more than $2 of bubbles every summer.

We tried the new bubble container out on my spill-happy four-year-old last night. Okay, this really works for the generally stable child who knows how to use bubbles. Sure, it gets a little messy around the slit in the lid where you pull the wand in and out, but my daughter hasn't spilled the first half of the bottle (like she routinely does with new bubbles). And sure we have had a few spills when my 20 month old twins go crazy with it, but it's still much cleaner than the regular container.

The bubbles can be stored with the no-spill lid on. The wand snaps onto the appendage sticking out from the lid. (Directions say not to store bubble wand in lid.) This is totally worth the $2. I don't say that very often.Align Center

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