Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Thoughts on Ooma

With Ooma, I'm now basically in charge of my phone service. So, there are some preventative measures I will have to take to ensure that I have continued, reliable service.

Ooma won't work if:
  • The power goes out
  • My internet service is interrupted
  • My modem konks out
  • My Ooma device dies on me
As you can see, there are a few different factors that play into having Ooma work. Here's my plan to protect myself if any of the above senarios does in fact take place.

This is a relatively easy fix. I should have this anyway: A battery back-up for my computer (aka uinterrupted power supply or UPS). They are just fancy surge protectors that give you some extra time to shut off your computer when the power is out. Prices start at $40 and go up. Ooma doesn't suck much power, so it could run on one of these for the duration of most power outages.

Internet Service Interrupted:
I'm not too worried about this. Typically when this has happened, it's only been for a couple of hours at the longest. I have a cell phone, so I could get calls out. IF I had Ooma premier, I could set it up so that my calls got forwarded to my cell phone or another number. (If someone called while my Ooma isn't hooked up, they would just get dead air, no voice mail or anything.) I don't get enough phone calls to worry about this. More than likely, I'd just miss a couple of political calls. :) If this outtage were expected to go on longer, I'd find a place (library or something) that had internet and get signed up for Ooma Premier and then just cancel it when my internet service resumed.

Modem Breaks:
Here's another thing that would be smart to have. An extra modem. If you've ever had one break on you, you know that it's a pain to wait 3-5 days for a replacement to be delivered to you. However, if I were fortunate enough to live in a place that had stores nearby that sell modems, I don't think I'd worry about having an extra modem on hand.

Ooma Breaks:
It's not very cost effective to have an extra Telo on hand ($299). What I would do instead is sign up right away for Ooma Premier ($9.99 per month) so I could have my calls forwarded to a cell phone. I would go ahead and buy another Telo and once recieved, cancel Ooma Premier. This is of course assuming that my current Telo lasts a good long time. (Telos do a have a one year warranty.)

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