Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Major Crib Recall: Now What?

I'm sure that many are aware of the most recent, sweeping crib recall. When I heard about it on the news, I was pretty sure that the cribs my twins are using would be involved in the recall. I got onto Evenflo's website and sure enough, they were.

Our cribs have worked fine for us and one of them was used with two of my other children, so I wasn't really worried about having a recalled crib, but I did figure it would be sensible to go ahead and order the kit to fix the cribs. I was able to locate the model number and date of manufacture on my cribs with no problem (they are on the headboard.) The Evenflo website states how to find this info and says that you can order repair kits on their website or you could call their phone number. Well, it's hard to find where on that website you can order the repair kits. The link is not anywhere handy. So, I called the toll-free hotline. No help. It just tells you to order the repair kit online. So, I go back to the website, this time looking very carefully for the info. Found it. After scrolling down to the bottom of the long webpage, I found the link "Register for Recall." Don't know why they didn't put this link in a better place.

Anyhow, from there it was easy. Entered my crib's model and date of manufacture and address. Now I'm waiting for my parts. We'll see how easy the repair kits will be to install...

Update as of August 27, 2010
I received one of the repair kits yesterday in the the mail. I'm trusting my second kit is on its way since I registered for them on the same day. My husband installed the kit on one of the cribs last night. It consists of four metal pieces, 4 screws, and 4 wing nuts if I remember correctly. My husband described the fix as a bit "chintzy" but it does do the job of keeping the crib side from sliding down. In my book it's not a particularly pretty fix. Once installed, the metal pieces (rather large) are quite visible. But, It'll do. Here's a pix of the fix:

Update as of October 20, 2010:
I received the repair kit for my second Jenny Lind crib about a week and a half ago. Yeah, it took a while. This repair kit is even worse than the above one. It consists of some heavy duty straps, a couple of metal rods and some "locking rings" (for locking the mattress in the lowest position). I put this repair kit on myself. It was easy to get the straps and the metal rods on, but the locking rings? Forget it. I got one on after too much work and decided not to put the rest on since my daughter will be moving to another bed soon and I didn't want to have to remove the locking rings from all four sides when I have to take the crib apart. Of course, I'm sure the companies don't care how dorky these repair kits make the crib look because they want us to buy another crib. I think pack 'n' plays are looking better and better (price and all). Here's a pix of the least aesthetically pleasing part of the fix. (This crib doesn't have hidden hardware.)


  1. Has anyone received their repair kit? I registered two weeks ago and my order is still listed as "pending". I imagine the company is quite busy, but I doubt the kits are very involved. Roll them out!

  2. Yeah, I hear you. It's been over a month since I registered for the recall. I haven't received anything. My twins are still sleeping in their recalled cribs because I'm not going to go out and spend over $100 for a pack 'n play when these cribs have worked fine for us. The only complaint I have is that on of my daughters often gets her leg stuck in the slats of the crib. I think traditional cribs need a total redesign.

  3. I've been waiting since June 24 for mine, and it is still listed as pending. I had problems with the drop side falling down, so I have her sleeping in something else. It is very frustrating to wait 2+ months for the parts! My opinion of Evenflo is not very good.

  4. Melissa, one of the cribs we have is a Jenny Lind crib with hidden hardware. The side fell down on that one from time to time. My husband rigged it to stay up. Our other crib is a Jenny Lind one as well, but does not have hidden hardware. It's been much sturdier. I still haven't received my repair kit for my other crib... Come on, Evenflo!


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