Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ironing Large Items Like Drapes

Next time you have a big thing to iron, you might try doing it on the floor instead of an ironing board...

I bought a nice set of drapes for my patio door. I made sure they were machine washable since I didn't want to worry about sending them to the cleaners. The washing part has been fine and dandy, but the ironing part is something I dread. If you've ever tried to iron a large item using a conventional ironing board, you know what I mean. Every bit of newly iron fabric inevitably falls to the floor and gets wrinkled again. Frustrating! Last time I ironed my drapes on the ironing board I timed it. It took over an hour! Sheesh. So, needless to say, when it came time to clean my drapes this year, I was really not looking forward to over an hour of ironing. Then I got smart:

Made sure the kids were out of the way first (napping), and then I spread my drapes on the floor. Just right onto the carpet. I went ahead and set my iron to the correct fabric setting and just ironed the whole thing right on the floor. I had to move the iron to a plug on the other side of the room halfway though since the cord wasn't long enough. But, since I wasn't having to move the fabric over an ironing board, the finished product produced far fewer wrinkles than my original method. My drapes are thick enough, I wasn't worried about melting my carpet underneath. I suppose I could have put down a large cotton sheet between the carpet and the drapes if I felt the need. And the biggest advantage of it all, ironing on the floor took about half the time.

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