Friday, June 25, 2010

A Dutch Rubber Mop For Wet or Dry Messes

I really don't like traditional brooms. They get all messy and are absolutely disgusting to clean. And hair? They don't really sweep up hair. All the hair just sticks to all the other yucky stuff already sticking to the ends of the broom. And we live with it.

But, I first came across the dutch rubber mop while reading an article in Parents magazine (not an endorsement). I was intrigued. I looked it up on amazon. I watched this dorky video.

At just about $10 (price fluctuates), I figured it was worth the risk. I've had my rubber mop/broom for over a month now. I use it all the time. I haven't used my regular broom at all. In fact, I haven't used my mop at all (I used a Swiffer with a homemade fleece cover for mopping). I mop like the guy in the video above. But I have read that others take an old kitchen towel and attach it to the mop head with rubber bands for mopping. I'm sure it would be very easy to attach elastic to some terry cloth to make a cover for the rubber mop. I haven't bothered yet. I used this mop to scrub and clean my exterior windows too. I just love being able to rinse off the rubber broom head and always have a clean broom/mop. I cut my family member's hair and it does a very, very good job of cleaning that mess up. I would think that for someone who has wood floors and/or pets, a rubber mop would be better than a Swiffer because there are no refills to buy and it picks up everything! This mop is also advertised to pick up pet hair and dirt from carpets when vacuuming isn't enough. I haven't really tried that. I understand that it's quite an exercise. I do enough of that.

The only thing I don't like about it is that since it is 12 inches wide, it doesn't fit into my regular dustpan very well. So, I'll have to look for a 12 inch wide dustpan.

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