Monday, May 24, 2010

Self Opening Scissors For Kids II

I ordered some self-opening/spring action scissors for my nearly 5 year-old daughter a few weeks back. For most kids, I don't think these kids of scissors are necessary, but for my daughter, they have made a difference. (My daughter has very loose ligaments/ligament laxity in her hands, to the point where her thumb can come out of the joint when it is extended too far. The the loose ligaments are what allow that hyper-extension. So, learning to use scissors has been difficult and sometimes painful for my daughter.)

I ended up purchasing Koopy Kids Scissors as pictured above. At just $3.47, I wasn't sure what sort of quality to expect. I have been pleasantly surprised. These aren't "baby scissors," but are definitely shaped for a child's hands. Take note, they are sharp with a slightly blunt tip. These scissors are perfect for my daughter. The plastic arrow (good quality plastic, by the way) can be flipped up to enable the self-opening option, or down to use like regular scissors, or to store them in the closed position. Because the scissors self open, I wondered how easy they would be to close. My daughter has hand no problem with closing them. In fact, I have been so happy to see her actually start cutting things without giving up. She's starting to cut on the lines too. It was well worth the $3.47.

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  1. I wanted to buy this type of scissors for my 4 years old son but unfortunately it is not available in my country.


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