Monday, April 19, 2010

Of Course, Another Child With Trigger Thumb!

Just call us the Poster Trigger Thumb Family. My oldest daughter has just finished much of her recovery from her bilateral trigger thumb surgery (both thumbs). I also have fraternal twin daughters. 18 months ago, when they were born, my husband and I jokingly checked the thumbs of the twins to make sure that they were both straight. Because really, what were the odds that we'd have another child with the same problem? Hee hee. Ha ha. Ho ho.

Fast forward 18 months later. I'm clipping one of the twin's fingernails. I noticed a bit of a pop when I try to get my daughter to hold her right thumb still. She cries a bit. Oh no! I thought. Could this be trigger thumb? I checked her left thumb. It was locked in a bent position, going nowhere. I felt the bases of each thumb and sure enough, they both have the tell-tale knob on the tendon. What of the other twin? She's good; no little knob-ies. I like to think she takes after me.

You'd think that because I have already gone through this with one daughter, it wouldn't really be a big deal to me. And it really isn't. It's not life threatening. It's no emergency. But... I start thinking: Am I producing genetically inferior children? I've got four and 50% of them have trigger thumb! Oh well, they are really super cute, so I can get over the fact that we don't have designer children.

So, I call my eldest daughter's orthopedic surgeon. I just want to know if there is anything we can do, or if we just wait. Really, I know the answer. In many cases, trigger thumb can correct itself by age two. But since my daughter has a left thumb that is already locked and the right thumb that is well on its way to becoming locked (I'll be surprised if it doesn't), surgery will be the only option for her if I want her to be able to straighten her thumbs. And depending on the surgeon, they don't like to do it until 2-4 years of age. So, for now, we wait.


  1. I just found your Blog after learning about Trigger Thumb online. My three year old daughter has two locked thumbs, just like your daughter's were.

    We had x-rays done last Friday after visiting her Pediatrician and similar to your situation, upon seeing no bone deformities or anything else obviously wrong, her doctor was a bit puzzled. We are now going to be finding an Orthopedic Surgeon so we can get her properly diagnosed and cured.

    As you said has happened with your daughter, when our daughter does "something" and hurts her thumb, the tears can be quite heartbreaking.

    I hope your daughter continues to do well after her surgery and I really hope that your other daughter also does well with hers.

    Thank you for posting about your daughter's Trigger Thumbs. Both my wife and I feel much better about what is to come for our own daughter now that we've read your posts.

  2. The comments from others with children that have trigger thumb really has made the "trigger thumb world" smaller for me. I appreciate it. My best to you and your daughter.


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