Monday, April 26, 2010

Finding the Cheapest Land-line Available

I am getting dangerously close to ditching my land-line completely. :) You know, going the VOIP route for my phone service. But, while I am still in the research phase, thought I'd share something I learned. If the idea of going land-line free makes you queezy, there is the option of having your land-line for a backup at lower rate than even the basic service. Normally, you have to call your phone company up to get the details and rates since it's not something they advertise. I did this just because I was curious.

Case in point: My phone company is Qwest. Their advertised basic phone package (unlimited local calls, with hefty long distance fees) is currently $16.95 a month. When I talked with a customer service rep, I learned that I could get measured service for $10.52 a month, with free inbound calls. Out bound calls would be 5 cents a minute for the first minute and 2 cents a minute for every minute thereafter. Of course there are still all the ridiculously high federal taxes and surcharges too which would probably add another $15-20 onto the bill (even more than your phone line! Insane?).

Conclusion: It's still really, really expensive to have a land-line.

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