Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby Books in a Snap

I've been pretty diligent at keeping a history for my children, so they have something to enjoy when they are older. With my first son, back in 35 mm camera days, I just used a three-ring binder, card stock in sheet protectors, and photo corners for his baby book. I just attached certain pictures to pages, wrote a bit if a caption and done. No scrap booking for me. I not into it. the process was still more time consuming than I would have like, though. Then, with my second child, a friend of mine who was really, really into scrapbooking, made a scrapbook for me. All I had to do was cut out pictures, glue them in and write a caption. It was easy enough.

With my twins, we finally got a digital camera. I found that as a result, I was printing fewer photos. But, I was uploading photos to my computer, typing in captions and organizing them. I started to wonder how I would handle their baby books. Since there were two to worry about, it had to be easier than anything I'd done.

So I turned to online photo services: Snapfish and Shutterfly. I ended up ordering my photobooks through Snapfish because the price was less and I liked the whole story board set up better. Just a matter of personal preference, I guess. I had both books done and ordered in a day and a half. It was simple. I went through my archive of photos for the first year of their lives, selected the ones I wanted to include, put them in a folder and uploaded them to Snapfish. My biggest complaint here is that neither Snapfish nor Shutterfly (I chatted with costumer service reps from both companies) manages to keep the Picasa captions associated with pictures after the upload. This is a huge drawback to me since I use the desktop Picasa app to edit and organize my photos before I upload them anywhere. So, I had to retype captions for the pictures, which is my only complaint with the whole process.

$40 for two 20-page photobooks later, I waited for the books to arrive in the mail. About a week and a half later, they came. The moment of truth! And I was happy with the books, the print quality, the quality of the cover and binding, everything.

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