Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An Anti-Virus Switch: AVG to AVAST!

Ever since AVG 9 came out, I've been having problems. First thing I noticed was that my web searches were at a crawl with the AVG link scanner. So, I disabled link scanner. That fixed it. After another AVG update I noticed that I couldn't get on Twitter or Gmail. Each time I tried, Firefox crashed. Now I was getting a bit irritate. I have liked AVG for a quite a few years... but loyalty is a funny thing in the tech world. I can turn on anything if it starts to decrease my productivity. So the seeds of disloyalty were sewn.

Now, I did try to look for help on AVG forums and other tech forums on the web. Others were having similar problems. They seemed to be related to a Firefox ad-on or a ZoneAlarm issue. But, it was never really pinpointed. I got tired of waiting for a fix from AVG.

I made the switch to AVAST! Why? Because its name is also a really cool pirate term, of course. That, and it's free and has positive user reviews. I've been using AVAST! for a week now. I really like its user interface. It is far more customizable than AVG was with scans and other settings. The program even talks. Said something about how my "virus definitions were up to date." The first time it did it, I was pretty weird-ed out, but I got over it. AVAST! does real-time scans too. It's pretty nice. My biggest beef with AVAST! is that it hogs system resources more than AVG did. This wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't have a 7 year-old computer! So, I guess the time is coming closer that I will break down and get another computer. Anyway, AVAST doesn't slow things down near as bad as Norton did, but I there is still a noticeable slowing.

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