Monday, March 8, 2010

A Visit From the Tooth Fairy

Last week I got the chance to be a tooth fairy. Even though my son knows that I'm the one that does it, it's still fun. This was his first tooth that he pulled. Earlier in the month I had asked our dentist what the going rate for a tooth was these days. He said some people give 10-40 dollars, but that he thinks a dollar a tooth is decent. I got nickels, pennies, dimes and sometimes quarters for my teeth. So, it's generous enough from where I'm coming from. Plus, you can fold a dollar! I'm an origami nut. Since it was his first tooth, I threw in a quarter.

Here's a link with easy instructions for folding a dollar into a heart like the one above. (A crisp dollar bill is the most obedient.)

Musings: Folded bills make great gifts too. I received a $50 dollar bill folded in two hearts as a wedding gift from a good friend. I'm so sentimental, I've kept it and don't intend to spend it. And my non-sentimental son immediately unfolded his tooth fair gift and promptly put it in his wallet.

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