Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Tool Set Every Parent Ought to Have

It is a known fact that far too many children's toys require batteries. It's also a known fact that far too many of these toys require smaller-than regular screwdrivers to remove the battery cover. For years, I improvised, using my pocketknife or the corner of a flat screwdriver that was too large, to get the battery covers opened.

Last year I took my children shopping for Christmas gifts at a dollar store. My daughter was trying to find a gift for me. Usually, I try keep out of it because I like the suprise, but I chanced across this small precision screwdriver set. I had to have it!!! So, I coaxed her into getting it for me. It came in very handy on Christmas morning! :)

It has also come in very hand since. My screwdriver set is a Dollar Tree set, but I have seen them at other dollar stores. Usually they are located by the eyeglasses and sold as an "eyeglass" repair set. It's pretty decent quality and it's only a buck... Worth much more than that in my book!

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