Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Last Frost: When Will It Be?

Every year I wonder when I should plant my garden. It always seems like such a gamble, knowing when the last frost will be. And it is, but here's a link that should put the gamble more in your favor. Just select your state and then view the .pdf to find the city with temperature data nearest you.

If your graph reading skills are subpar, it really helps to read the directions. The 90 column means that if you plant seeds during those dates, there is a 90% cent chance that temps will drop below the temperatures stated. The 50% column, a 50% percent chance that temps will drop after dates stated. And the 10% column, a 10% chance that temps will drop after the dates provided.

That said, I chose to go ahead and plant my peas, lettuce, and carrots during the 90% window, since these plants are hardy and can stand some cold temps. I am going to plant my other crops in the 50% range rather than the 10% because last year I did plant things in the 10% range and found that my harvest was much too late for my liking.

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