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What follows is a long, boring, detailed experience I had with Don't read it unless you are bored or were thinking about ordering something from Aldo shoes.

I would like to detail an online shopping experience I had with First let it be understood that I'm a pretty avid online shopper and that this was my first (and last) experience with Aldo shoes.

Just after Christmas Aldo shoes was having an 80% off sale on a lot of their shoes, rendering $100 shoes actually worth their new $20 (give or take) price tag. While shopping, I chose some very cute shoes listed $20.99. Stuck them in the shopping cart and the price bumped up to $29.98. Took the shoes out of the cart, went back to shopping, made sure the shoes were actually listed for $20.99. They were. Stuck them back in the cart and up the price went again to $29.98. Blast! But, I wanted the shoes and figured I could contact customer service about it and get a refund. This was not a naive thought. Most online retailers will happily credit customers for problems like this. I added a couple of other shoes to the order for $9.99 each. Good deal, all in all, I thought. I sent an email to customer service about the price discrepancy in the shopping cart as soon as I received an order confirmation. I received an email a back within 3 days stating that I should call customer service about this. I tried and the automated message said they were experiencing a "high volume of calls..." so I just hung up because I didn't have time to wait at the moment.

Next, the waiting. is based in Canada, so I figured it would take a while for my package to arrive. Sure enough, it did. About a week and a half after ordering, I received one package with two shoes (shipped from the US) . The shoes ended up not fitting. They were too small. This surprised me since Aldo shoes doesn't sell half sizes (I'm a 7.5), I ordered an 8 and was actually worried they would be too big. I waited for my last package to arrive to make sure that the shoes in there fit before I sent back my returns. Nearly a week later I received my last package. To my surprise, these shoes fit well enough, a tad on the big side, but well enough since I was pretty sure if I ordered a size down they would be too small. These shoes were the ones that gave me price issues in the shopping cart. I decided to keep them.

So, now I tried to call customer service. I got to wait on the phone for 10 minutes. Then I gave up. I called again a few days later. I waited for 10 minutes again. Couldn't wait any longer. I hung up and sent an email again to Aldo explaining that I had tried to call and couldn't wait on the phone for so long, adding that I would love to receive some service via email. A whole week later I received an email response saying that Aldo was no longer experiencing "a high volume of calls" and that I should try to call again. I did few days. I had to wait again for 10 minutes. I hung up. (As you can see, ten minutes is my limit.) I went ahead and tried to take care of at least returning the two pair of shoes that didn't fit via the internet. This was a relatively simple process... although I had hoped to exchange the shoes for a different size, I found that Aldo doesn't do exchanges for online purchases, only returns. LAME.

Okay, to put this into perspective, it's been a month now since I made the order and two weeks since I have received the shoes. The shoes I kept, I have worn and discarded my packing slip because I wasn't planning on returning them. Makes sense, right?

At this point I'm starting to give up the $10 price discrepancy on the shoes because I've already wasted a total of 30 minutes waiting on the phone. 30 minutes is already worth at least $10 to me.

Next, I'm at a month since I returned the two pair of shoes and still have not seen a refund on my credit card. So, I call Aldo and figure I'll bring up the measly $10 as well. I call, wait for 7 minutes and finally get though to someone. She's not particularly friendly, but I'm nice and just try to explain my two separate issues. I get hung up on! I have never been hung up on. I wasn't being mean, just detailing my situation and I guess she didn't want to listen. So, I just dial their number and call Aldo again. This time I get a friendlier person on the line (I didn't even tell her I was just hung up on) and tell her about my experience. She told me they were experiencing a lag in the returns department and that I should be refunded in the next 10 days. About the $10, she said she would look into it and if I was indeed charged $10 more than what they were selling the shoes for on that day, I would be given a refund if I had the original receipt. I told her that I no longer had the original receipt since It's been a few weeks since I've been wearing them and no one told me in all my other attempts to correspond that I would need it. She said it shouldn't be a problem. The Aldo rep. told me she'd call me within 3-5 days about it.

True to her word, she called me about 4 days later. Unfortunately, I was out so she left a message on my machine. I tried to call back. Waited 10 mintues, and hung up. Sounding familiar? I called again, waited 7 minutes and got through. The rep. I talked with said that I could not receive a refund, even though I was due one because I no longer had the original receipt. I told her I had a copy of the order from my email, but she said since it wasn't the original, it wouldn't work. I asked why this mattered since they knew that I ordered the shoes. She said that if they gave me a refund without the receipt, and I actually had one I could go to the nearest Aldo store (for me, it's 3 hours away) and receive a refund from them. Okay, so am I getting that Aldo operates on the premise that customers are naturally dishonest and thieving? Sure seemed like it. I told her that I live three hours away from an Aldo store and that I'd never be going to one, that I wasn't that dishonest, and that I would have kept my receipt if someone would have told me that I would need it for a credit way back when I sent my first email about the issue. To no avail. I said thanks anyway and that I was not planning on doing business with Aldo again because of this sour experience which wasted my time and money. We hung up.

I called again, hoping to get an in with someone else, but long call short, I got nowhere. I could not believe it. I felt utterly helpless because it really seemed like no one would listen to my case.

The Sad Ending: Aldo shoes charged me $10 extra for a pair of shoes and would not refund it because I didn't have the original receipt (that's the one they sent with the actual shoes). At the time of writing this, I still have not been refunded for the two pairs of shoes I sent back to Aldo over a month ago. Can you see why I'm not keen on buying ANYTHING from Aldo again?


  1. I'm starting to think that sucks. I live in Canada. I made an order because there was a sale online and there were shoes I liked. I pretty much completed the order and when I tried to pay with paypal, the site went down and nothing was responding. I came back to the ordering page and it was bugging, telling me I couldn't change my order since it had been submited. However, I never validated anything while in the paypal page, since it bugged when I put my nickname and password in! I wrote to them and cleared my historic and stuff like that. Bam, I could order again and that time I just used my credit card, which worked. I received their answer more than a week later and it was from a personal adress, not from aldoshoes! At first I thought it was spam, but when I clicked it was from a lady from aldoshoes! Not very profesionnal, eh? She was saying that my order was not completed (the first one with paypal). Thank god.

    So it's been about a week since I ordered my 4 pairs of shoes and 3 have been shipped, 1 has not even been shipped. It's taking forever! I live in Canada, damnit, and the company is in Canada! There is no excuse.

    I just hope I'm gonna get my shoes soon. I don't think I will ever order from them ever again. It was scary and worrying and stressful. I work hard for my money and I don't like when I risk losing it.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. The lack of professional service you received sounds familiar. Unfortunately. I hope others will share their experiences too. For the record, I did receive a refund for the two pairs of shoes that I returned... but not without calling again and again and again. It took way too long.

  3. Oh dear, this has me frightened. I returned two pairs of shoes 3-4 weeks ago and have yet to see a refund. I sent a message today, but it looks like it still might be some time before I see that refund.

  4. I certainly hope you don't have a bad experience. If you followed their process for returns, you'll likely get a refund, though it will take a while. Hopefully you don't have to hound them like I did.


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