Monday, January 25, 2010

White Whole Wheat Flour

During a regular grocery shopping trip I accidentally bought the Kroger brand of white whole wheat flour instead of regular whole wheat. I guess I was on auto-pilot or something. I didn't notice until it was time to make bread. Oops! I thought... but hey, I have wanted to buy it, so why not give it a try? At my grocery store, white whole wheat flour is $1.00 more than regular whole wheat (one of the reasons I hadn't bought it before).

First, I am a bit of a bread enthusiast. I love whole wheat bread. I like it so much that I make it a couple of times a week rather than buy it from the store. A year ago I read about white whole wheat coming to the US, being used in commercial products and that it would soon be available for consumers to purchase in the flour form. I thought I'd have to keep an eye out for it since then.

After I made my bread with the white whole wheat flour, the first thing I noticed was the color: it's not really white like white bread (it's a lighter color than whole wheat, though). Next, it had a softer texture than whole wheat bread. And finally, according to me, the taste was bland compared to whole wheat bread.

I tried it on my family. My kids loved it just as much as they did whole wheat bread. They didn't even seem to notice a difference. But my husband and I both prefer whole wheat bread.

What I learned: white whole wheat would be great in cinnamon rolls, pancakes, muffins or even cookies (things I prefer to make with white flour). It might also be nice to put in whole wheat bread, just a cup or so to give it a softer, smoother texture. I might by it on purpose sometime.

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