Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Send A Free Fax Online

My husband and I just can not believe that any reputable company still works via the fax machine... but apparently they are still doing it. It's totally aggravating to haul myself (often with kids in tow) to a print/fax shop to send a fax, when I have a perfectly good scanner and computer at home! Plus, you get charged per page and you don't even know if the fax ever got to the person. I have problems with antique service, as you can tell. Yet, once in a blue moon, we must step back in time to fax something to someone. Here are some great options.

- You can send a free fax (up to 3 pages) without any ads on the cover sheet. They even let you know that the fax got sent. And, I really like this: you don't have to set up an account to do it. Upload your word or .pdf document and type the fax number for the person it's going to, enter your email address and send! Yippee! They also offer faxing for more than 3 pages for a much better rate than your hometown print/fax shop (just under $2.00).

- This place has pretty much the same idea as the one above, except that it puts ads on the cover sheet. I think this is great for when you want to show your angst at an organization for not accepting 21st century technology. They also offer ad-free faxes for a little more than gotfreefax.com. With both of these services, you receive a confirmation that your fax was sent. Bonus!

As far as receiving a fax for free, you can Google it. It exists, but you normally have to sign up for a free trial account (lame!). You can use drop.io (check it out) to receive free faxes and if you have an account with them (free) and rarely send faxes, this may be the best option. Only catch is that you have to send a drop.io coversheet to the person who wants to fax you. They have to use that drop.io coversheet to send the fax to you. Kind of a hassle, but it's free.

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  1. Internet faxing is really the trend right now. Aside from the convenience it offers, it is also very cost effective. Reason why many big or small businesses opt to using this technique.


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