Monday, January 11, 2010

My New Year's Resolution: Home Organization

School papers, schedules, phone numbers, clothes, toys... What to do with it all? Okay, that's just one of my resolutions. (I love goal setting...I don't think I'd do much otherwise.) When it was just my husband and me, I thought I was well-enough organized, not super, but good enough that we knew where things were. Eight years later with four kids, I'm feeling less-organized and ready to make some changes.

There's this really cool new website called You can watch how-to videos made by actual professionals for free! I checked out what they had on home organization. It was actually quite helpful. It's no-brainer stuff that I just never had the time to think much about. I'm starting to put some of it into play right now. I typed up a phone list this weekend and I'm going to have my kids design their own boxes to put their school papers in this week. We will conquer this! Here's my inspiration:

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