Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Diaper Rash, the Yeasty Kind

Okay, icky topic, but certainly one that anyone with children will deal with sooner or later. It's not uncommon for babies and toddlers to develop a yeast infection diaper rash during or after undergoing antibiotic treatment... and sometimes it's just the result of a diaper rash that doesn't receive proper treatment. It looks red and has little bumps. It's wise to take the child to the doctor to be sure it isn't anything else if you aren't sure.

Normally, our pediatricians have prescribed Nystatin ointment for my baby's tush. It works great and the rash clears up usually within a few days. But, now that my tube of Nystatin is lost, and my twin babies both developed yeast diaper rashes, I was really hating the idea of taking them to the doctor just so I could get some more Nystatin. So, I figured I'd find out if there was anything available over-the-counter. There is!

Here's what I found:
Look for antifungal creams with either Clotrimazole (1%) or Tolnaftate (1%) as the active ingredient. Lotrimin AF is the brand name product for Clotrimazole and it's about $8 a tube. I bought the store brand for $2.50. Tinactin is the brand name product for Tolnaftate. I already had this around the house, so I don't know the cost on it, but I assume it's comparable.

Reading up on Clotrimazole for Yeast:
http://www.drhull.com/EncyMaster/R/diaper_rash.html - Pretty good info on how the rash is caused and how to stop it.
http://www.askdrsears.com/html/11/T084500.asp - More info on the effectiveness of Clotrimazole.

Reading up on Tolnaftate for Yeast :
ibabydoc.com gives details on how a yeast diaper rash is caused and how to treat it. (Beware, you'll get pictures of yeast rashes here.)
Epinions Tinactin Review details using it for a yeast diaper rash.

Our experience:
Even though I already had Tinactin at home, I went to buy some Clotrimazole because from my Google reading, it seemed that it was the most recommended over-the-counter product for yeast diaper rashes. (If you are uncertain about trying this, call a doctor and get his/her advice... because I'm no doctor.) I used it on my babies. One, whose rash wasn't as bad, was better within one day of treatment. Child number two, whose rash was worse, cleared up in within three days of treatment. As long as there are babies in my home, I'm going to make sure I have this stuff on hand.

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