Monday, November 9, 2009

Dover Books: Lovely Little Stocking Stuffers or Tiny Tokens

I'm sure we've all come across books published by the Dover publishing company. They publish a lot of public domain works and sell them for low prices. What I wasn't aware of were their great little activity books they have for kids. Now, when I say little, I mean little. They are about 4X6 inches.

I had my first brush with Dover Activity Books a few years ago. I got a couple of free Dover Sticker Activity Books for free after running a 5K years ago. We had a long plain ride planned in the near future, so I waited to test them on my son until then. They were a hit for my little three year old. I remember being quite pleased with the simplicity of the book and the entertainment it provided. It's small enough to stick in a purse and have on hand for an antsy child.

Yesterday, while looking for some stencil sets for kids, I came across Dover Activity Books again, this time on Amazon. These little activity books cost $1.50 each and since Amazon has them available for free shipping, provided that you spend $25 (which isn't hard to do when I'm doing Christmas shopping), these are a great stocking stuffer/tiny gift.

There are lots of different activity books, sticker paper dolls, sticker books, mazes, dot-to-dots, coloring books, and stencil books. This year I'm going to get some stencil books for my artistic little ones.

Now, the fine print: some customers on Amazon have given these books a poor rating mostly due to their size. They are little, as have stated above. That's why they are called "little" activity books. But, their size is great for travel and other things that may suit you. If you want something bigger, check out the other Dover books for children.

Dover has lots more to offer for readers of all ages and interests. Check them out.
And, just a little FYI, if you sign up for an account through dover's website, they'll send you some free samples. Yippee!


  1. I have always thought these little books make great stocking stuffers. We have an art supply store nearby that carries a bunch of them.

    And I LOVE Dover's weekly free sampler! Before you know it you have a whole coloring/activity book you can put together in a binder!


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