Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Tonight!

Tonight we will carve pumpkins. This year we have two very cute (yes, they are cute) pumpkins we got from a friend. Since buying a pumpkins runs about $5 each, getting some from a friend is the best deal. Granted, they are very small and squaty, but I like pumpkins with spunk. Aren't they... well, cute?

I carve pumpkins the old fashioned way with crude materials from the kitchen: Spoons for scooping and knifes for cutting. Oh, and the kids. No pumpkin carving kits here. So, our pumpkins aren't fancy, but they always have personality.

I ran across a website that actually explains a science project on the various methods for keeping a jack-o-lantern fresh. I'm a bit of a science junky on weird things, so naturally, I found this interesting. There are all sorts of methods for slowing a jack-o-lantern's decay (water, Vaseline, special spray...), but in the end it looks as though carving the pumpkins a day or two before the big night is the best.

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