Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jinni, Find Movies You Like

Ran across a new website that might be helpful to people like me who don't know how to choose a movie they'll like on their own. is essentially a movie database. You type a movie you like and it will recommend others like it. It will refer you to options for viewing or buying it, whether it be through Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon, etc. There's a lot more to Jinni than just that, you can search by mood, place, audience.... the lists continues. And there's even more to Jinni which I'll leave to you to check out.

The last time I went to a movie rental place, I remember staring at the different titles, feeling inundated with images that ranged from harmless to pornographic. In disgust, I fled to the family section. We rarely watch movies... maybe that's why knowing what to pick was so hard for me. I really wanted to watch a well-scripted, well-made, tasteful, thought provoking movie other than a cartoon, but in the end, I came home with Thomas The Tank Engine because I figured since I couldn't find anything I'd like, I'd at least get something I knew my children would like.

Next time I'm in the mood for a good, thought provoking movie, I'll try for some ideas.

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