Monday, September 14, 2009

Soothe Teething With Cucumbers

I came on the idea completely on accident. We have so many cucumbers from our garden this year, plus we have all the cucumbers that people give away because they have so many. I started slicing them up (even with the skin) and handing them to my twins at meal time because I found that it bought me some extra time to prepare their food. The babies are working on getting their teeth in, so they can't really bite the cucumber slices yet, but it gives them something to do, and they stay quiet. They don't get at all frustrated about not being able to actually eat it. I dare say it is a comfort for their teething gums. And why not? They make cooling cucumber teething gel.


  1. Veronica had cooked cukes at Mom's on Sunday & really liked them.
    With tond to experiment with, you oughta try Mom's cucumber juice.


  2. Cucumber juice. That does sound interesting. I imagine cooked cucumbers would taste like... squash?


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