Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Egg Substitute You Already Have

We all run out of eggs. When this happens, I get irritated and then resort to putting whatever I was mixing up in the fridge and wait until I go grocery shopping to finish it. But then I figured, "Vegans live without them. There has got to be a relatively natural substitute." Enter Google. Apparently there are quite a few options to the egg issue. Here are some helpful links on egg substitutes.

Substitutes included, pureed fruit, cornstarch, vinegar, and flaxseed, to name a few. I may just try this for fun, even if I have eggs! From what I read, it looks like it would take some experience to know which substitute will have the desired effect. So, there's definitely a learning curve, but I think it would be beneficial to know how to cook edible foods without eggs.

Update April 25, 2011: In making some chocolate chip oatmeal muffins, I noticed half way through the recipe that I was completely out of eggs. I only needed one. I tried mashing up about 1/2 to 3/4 of a banana and used that instead. I figured the muffins might taste a bit banana-y, but they did not. Not only that, but they turned out great. They were nice and plump, not flat, and no one eating them could tell any difference. So, for muffins, a bit of banana works great.

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