Monday, August 31, 2009

Yogurt for Diarrhea

Okay, you can guess what's going on in my family right now. Diarrhea is the worst with kids in diapers because... well, you know. Last year my daughter had a case of it that lasted almost 2 weeks. I called the doctor's office and they said it was going around, and I didn't need to bring her in unless she had a fever. She never got one, but it was a long couple weeks. (So, it's wise to make a call to the doctor if you are concerned.)

This year it's my little babies. It's been about a week now. Ugh. At first I thought it was due to something they were eating, then teething, and now I'm sure it's just diarrhea.

Over the years, I have found these tips helpful when dealing with diarrhea in children (works well with adults too!):
  • No fruit juices
  • Cut out milk (dairy), they can still have breast milk, of course
  • Bananas and apples or applesauce are fine since they aren't stool softeners
  • Keep them hydrated: water, Kool-Aid, breast milk (just not fruit juice)
  • Feed them yogurt. This is the exception to the no dairy products rule since good yogurt contains live active cultures that are great for the digestive system, especially during the havoc of diarrhea. Yogurt also acts as a bit of stool hardener, if you know what I mean. You can read up on Yogurt's role here. And, as a side note, yogurt is also a great supplement to a child's diet when they are on antibiotics since antibiotics can cause loose stools. Yuck.

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