Monday, August 24, 2009

Lint Hack- Removing Lint From Clothing

Without thinking enough, I inadvertently tossed some new towels in a regular load of laundry. After drying, everything came out with lint, the same color as the lovely towels. I tried running everything, sans the towels, through the washer's rinse cycle and then dried them again. Still, everything had lint on it.

So, I resolved to an old trick I learned back in my minimum wage days when I worked at a screen printing and embroidery joint, which I now lovingly call a sweatshop. We had to remove thread and lint from clothing quite often. Our trick was to wrap an 8-10 inch long piece of clear packaging tape, sticky side up, around our hand and then go to work patting the article of clothing until the tape had picked up the mess.

I enlisted my son to help me remove the lint from the load of laundry. There is something so wonderful about tape, it was hardly a chore for him.

Note to self: never wash new towels with anything else, ever.

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