Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gearing up for School

This being the last month of summer, I thought it timely that I get my kids' brains ready for the back to school grind. I found a few websites that have nice, free printable worksheets for different grade levels. I printed a few worksheets off and slid them inside sheet protectors and assembled them all into a folder/binder. We used dry-erase markers to work on most of the worksheets (writing directly on the sheet protectors). Somehow, this just makes the whole thing more kid-friendly. Maybe it's because I don't usually condone marker use by anyone under the age of 5. While my preschooler worked on tracing shapes, I helped my 6 year old practice tying shoes. (I dropped the ball on this. I should have taught him earlier.) Then, we switch and I had my older one do a worksheet on telling time while I did something hands-on with the younger one. I guess it's summer homeschooling.

Here are the websites I found helpful: -Great worksheets for math, English, grammar, art... for preschool to fifth grade. - This is mainly for preschool lesson plans. I like it most for the alphabet worksheets. You can print out the alphabet pages for either D'Nealian or standard block handwriting styles.

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