Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Hack for Download Clutter

I hate a messy desktop... I hate them both: The one on my actual desk and the one on my computer. Today I'm addressing the one on the computer since it's much easier to tackle. (BTW, that's not my desktop shown above, it's just an example of the travesty.)

File downloads used to plague my desktop. I wanted them on my desktop so that they would be easy to access, plus I wouldn't forget about them that way. So, I set up my browser to automatically save my downloads on my desktop. One day my husband had this novel idea. Why not put a folder on the desktop and have the downloads directed there? That way we could have a very cluttered folder, and no one would know because all you see is a neat little manila folder on the computer's desktop. Apparently the clutter on the desktop was driving him crazier than it was me.

So, that's just what we did. I created a folder and appropriately named it downloads. I use Firefox as my internet browser. So, I went into the "Tools" menu and selected "Options" from the drop-down menu. At the main menu in options, you can select where you want your downloads to be saved to. One can save downloads anywhere, but I like mine to be on my desktop.

Granted, my downloads folder gets quite cluttered, but I like it that way. I hate to trash a download (my miserly ways showing through even with virtual things) and I don't want to take the time to organize it passed what I have already done.

Desktop clutter cleaned up.

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