Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Internet Service Ramblings

Until recently, Qwest supplied our household with phone service and our dsl line. We went though Blue Mountain Internet as our internet service provider.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a charge on my Qwest account that I did not agree with, so I called customer service. I talked with a nice lady who wanted to help me, but couldn't reverse the charge because she didn't have the authority. So, I basically asked her if I could talk to someone who did have the authority. A nice manager talked with me about the charge and agreed to reverse it. Then, she looked at my account and saw that I had bare bones service from Qwest: a phone line with no frills and a dsl line (256k). Okay, I'm thinking, here she goes; she's going to try to sell me something. Then I reasoned, Why not? I've got a manager on the line here, maybe she can swing a deal that I can live with. So, I told the manager the total cost that I pay for phone and internet is about $52. Tax included. I told her if she could beat that, or come anywhere close, I'd think about switching my ISP. (Qwest offers their customers MSN for the ISP.) She did. $55, to be exact. This includes a phone line with all the bells and whistles, including unlimited long distance and 1.5 mps internet. So, I'd be crazy not to switch. The catch is, this deal only lasts for a year. Then I'll have to call up again to seek another good deal. That's how I do business. Hey, in this economy, you can haggle for anything!

A week and a half after making the switch, I am finally able to get online again. I had to change my modem because the thing wouldn't reset. It was having other issues too, so it was a good thing to get rid of it. You don't have to use a Qwest modem (Qwest just wants you to); it's all about configuring the modem correctly. But it turned out my parents had an extra modem from Qwest so they shipped it to me.

I felt bad about leaving Blue Mountain Internet because they have great customer service based right here in the USA. Qwest can't beat that. So, if I am unsatisfied with Qwest in this next year, I'll be happy to go back to Blue Mountain for my ISP... I'll always have a ball and chain between myself and Qwest since they are the only company I can get a dsl line from... unless of course I go with Bresnan and do cable internet... I guess I'll worry about that in a year.

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