Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Google Image Search

There are a lot of sickos out there, that's why I rarely use Google's image search. You can type in some pretty harmless search terms and find yourself looking at some things you were definitely not looking for.

Thankfully, you can protect yourself, so that when you do search for images, your odds of getting some surprises go down substantially. You can easily set your search preferences to "high" by clicking on the "preferences" link right to the right of the search box. Be sure to save your preferences.* I suggest setting this at the beginning of each search session; because it doesn't seem to save your preferences forever. (FYI: You can also set preferences for a regular web search.)

Unfortunately, this preference is easy to change. Google currently doesn't offer a locking feature. This is just another reason for parents supervise their children (no matter the age) when online.

No fix is foolproof. Sickos will still find a way around this, but it's just another way to protect your self and your family when online and when used in collaboration with your firewall and filtering tools, you can really arm yourself against unwanted images/websites.

*If my directions don't make sense, see: https://rwcportal.roberts.edu/ITS/Training/ITS%20Tips/Google%20Image%20Search%20Preferences.pdf

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