Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to Make a Portable DVD Player Holder for Your Van on the Cheap

Just in case there was ever any confusion, I'm all about saving money. I hate spending money. So, in preparation for this most recent road trip, I bought a portable DVD player (to replace our broken one) from Walmart on the Black Friday sale in November for $40. Good deal. The thing is made entirely of the cheapest plastic ever, but it works! And since portable DVD players evidently have a short life span, why spend lots on it?

So, here's the quandary I faced: How am I going to securely attach the DVD player to the back of the middle seat of our van so the kids can watch it? I did not want to make it permanent... and I didn't want to pay $20+ to buy one of those bulky DVD player holders that may or may not work well enough. So, I figured I could make something with things I had around the house. Here's what I ended up with:

My husband took one look at this and his expression said, "okay, crazy." But hey, it worked!

Items Used:
  • cardboard
  • elastic
  • Velcro
  • sewing machine (completely optional)

First I started with some cardboard and cut it the right size to support my cheapo DVD player. I cut holes in the ends to stick my Velcro adjusting supports.

One doesn't need to use a sewing machine here, but I did. I took some 1/4 inch elastic and attached velco (opposites so that they would adhere) to each end. Instead, you could forgo the elastic and just use Velcro to make the adjustable supports.

Thread adjustable supports through each side.

Tie a band of elastic around the DVD player and cardboard to hold it in place. I suppose you could do this with any bit of cloth and have decent results.

Get two more pieces of elastic and tie them to each side of the cardboard, threading them through the cut holes. These stretch around the headrests to hold the contraption in place.

Obviously, this is a quick, no-nonsense, non-permanent, pretty pathetic fix ... just what I wanted.

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