Friday, June 5, 2009

Cleaning up Milk and Juice Spills

Some mornings just start off really icky. There was one morning not too long ago when I cleaned up two messes... and I made both of them. One, milk on the table and floor, the other, my vitamins all over--half of the bottle. I think I didn't get enough sleep. Anyhow, most of the time, I'm cleaning up spills after my kids, so this sufficiently put me in my place.

I hate cleaning milk and juice spills anywhere. It's the worst because you think you clean it only to find a sticky spot later. If you are slow like me, I didn't learn to effectively handle this until just a couple years ago. This is for hard surfaces like tile or vinyl, not carpet (but don't do it on granite or marble-vinegar is too acidic for those surfaces, and if you have either on your floor, you should have a maid clean it up anyway!).

How to clean up spills so they won't leave a sticky residue:

1. Soak up the spill with a cloth first.
2. Rinse cloth out and wipe spill again.
3. Pour about 1 teaspoon of white vinegar on the affected area and wipe.
4. Rinse cloth and clean with water again.

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