Monday, May 11, 2009

Use Mason Jar with Blender

This is nothing revolutionary... unless of course you've never done it. I've had my blender for over six years now. It wasn't until just recently though, that I tried using my canning jar on the blender since I didn't want to use the big container that it comes with to do a small chopping job. Wahoo! I wish this thought would have dawned on me ages ago. This trick is especially handy when I'm doing multiple blender jobs because I need only to rinse off the blades and then stick it on another mason jar to keep chopping. My blender, and most out there fit the regular size mason jars (not wide mouth). I use the little jam jars to chop or puree stuff I hide in food-like onions or peppers. The regular quart size ones are nice for making a smoothie that will serve two. Plus, when I want to store blended food in the fridge, I just stick a Mason lid on the jar rather than putting my blender out of commision by storing my food in the original container (with blade) the blender came with. Handy dandy, no?

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