Thursday, May 14, 2009

Twin Pack 'n' Play?

I'm a parent of twin girls. I recently wrote an eHow article on how to go about acquiring all those baby things. The main premise is that one won't necessarily need two of everything. And it got me thinking...

There is quite a market for twins out there. I assume manufacturers are making a killing off of twin gear. When I was trying decide what sort of bassinet to do for my babies, I spotted some twin pack 'n' plays. They were huge, which to me, defeats the purpose of a pack 'n' play. Plus, it's something you'd only want for twins. So, use it for a few months and then sell it? It's not like you'd want to keep it hanging around. I put both my babies in a regular pack 'n' play for the first three months. It worked just fine. They slept well together. As they started to grow and become more active sleepers, it became necessary to separate them in different cribs. So, to me, a twin pack 'n' play is unnecessary.

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