Friday, May 29, 2009


Getting the Hang of it
...Tiling continued...

I'm going to venture to guess that tiling a horizontal surface is easier than a vertical one. I had read that I should wait a few hours before I tiled the next row above the base, so that the base had time to set. But, I'd also heard from others that it didn't matter. It didn't matter for me. I just went right a long; the tile didn't move after it was placed. By the way, I used 1/8 inch spacers.

The shelf wasn't too bad--Just a lot of precise measuring and cutting involved.

Here I am working on the shelf.

They say to position any decorative tile at about eye level. So, here we go. I used stuff with mesh backing. It was expensive, but a breeze to lay.


Cutting for the plumbing took creativity. Our contractor friend said to mark the opening on the tile and then cut a bunch of lines where you want the hole to be and then snap those cuts . Here's what we came up with. It worked well.

For the other hole, it was bit more tricky. With porcelain, you can't just drill whole. So, we opted to cut the tile in half like above and then use the above mentioned technique to break away an opening.

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