Saturday, May 9, 2009

Being a humdrum hero

My mind is daily plagued with random thoughts and questions. Here's a snippet:
  • How do I keep those meddling cats out of my yard?
  • No offense, Mr. Gore, but who really invented the internet?
  • What's an inexpensive, battery-free gift for a kid?
  • How can I make citrus oil?
  • Is my six-year-old enough to young to mow the lawn for me? Does it count if he really wants to learn?
  • Is there a way to get rid of mushrooms in my rock garden?
In order to quell this insanity, I turn to the internet. I Google my topic and sift through the mess of results. And sometimes I find some really cool things . . . tidbits, that make me feel like a hero. This blog is a compilation of the good things I find online--so I don't forget I found them, and so they may be shared. Hopefully, you too, can take something you find here, do something with it, and become a humdrum hero. May everyone be a humdrum hero!

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